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Creative Marketing: Delivering exciting and impressionable communication

Responsive Marketing: Creating interest & value while engaging patients with knowledge and must-haves

Relationship Marketing: Building a connection and servicing your valued patients

Value Marketing: Budgeting and eliminating wasteful spending

Private Practice Marketing - MD Profit Solutions

Professional Comments

"Danica has limitless ideas, a great creative mind and technical knowledge that provide immediate impact for in-office marketing. She's money-smart, intelligent, determined and highly educated." –Jennifer Park, CEO Dermatologist News

"What a beautiful newsletter! I passed it around and everyone is so impressed with the quality of your writing plus the story itself." –D. Diaz, MD

"I love the flyer! It presents information in a dynamic way and it's very educational. Nicely done!" -Z. Rapoport, MD

"I thank you for your hard work and kind assistance and look forward to working on another series of projects." –P. Ghasri, MD

"I thought you did a great job." -B. Behnam, MD

"Danica, it looks absolutely amazing!!!  I just reviewed them and they are absolutely fantastic and exactly what I envisioned for the magazine. Thank you so much!" - R. Zieve, Medical Director

MD Profit Solutions offer...

  • Cosmetic Dermatology Marketing
  • Injectables Marketing
  • Laser Treatments Marketing
  • Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Marketing
  • Hair Restoration Marketing
  • Infertility Marketing
  • Fertility Preservation Marketing
  • Cosmetic Dentistry Marketing
  • LASIK Eye Surgery

"A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts." - Richard Branson

"Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don't think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without the talking about the other." - Bill Gates

MD Profit Solutions will improve your appeal, get your message noticed, and consistently get more clients in the door.

With our personal and hands-on approach, we devise and implement a competitive strategy for the success of your practice.

Patients will be more educated, fully aware of what YOU can do for them, and be more impressed with your attention to their "need to know".

Take the practice self-assessment and receive your complimentary phone consultation and evaluation.

Relationships will drive patient loyalty and sales

Creative Marketing: Delivering exciting & impressionable communication

creative medical marketing - MD Profit SolutionsPersuasive E-videos
Immediately capture your audience's attention with interesting, informative, and inspirational e-videos about your practice and treatments embedded right onto your website. Get your message noticed and distinguish your practice from competitors.

Profit Driving Quarterly Print Newsletters
Educate your patients about new, must-have procedures and treatments with a well-designed, informative print newsletter. Promote that new laser in your office. Teach patients about the latest filler injectable on the market. These print newsletters are great for in-office distribution and can be used as mailers to your target patients.

Captivating Print Marketing Visuals
Dull print marketing materials not capturing patients' interest? The problem with other marketing consultants is that they have to hire a separate graphic designer on your dime who doesn't understand the correct marketing lingo to help you promote that new procedure in your office. On top of that, their design layout doesn't deliver the correct punch line so the marketing message gets lost.

We specialize in the aesthetic market and we understand the mindset of the aesthetic consumer. We handle all design work with strategic content writing for effective communication.

Interactive Treatment Brochure Magazine
Distinguish yourself by providing an all-inclusive 8, 12, or 16 page keepsake brochure magazine of ALL your services. Detailed explanations with plenty of before and after pictures are major selling points. The timeline worksheet addition gets patients to take immediate action towards their rejuvenation process. You'll be seen as the expert in your field with this educational magazine.

Customized Treatment Binders
Why let patients flip through miscellaneous magazines when they can get educated about all of what YOU can do for them. The waiting room is the perfect place for your patients to get acquainted with ALL the services that you offer. Included are detailed descriptions of treatments and procedures, before and after pictures, news articles, tips and advice, and print publications. Everything is organized in an easy-to-read binder.

High-impact Visuals for Office Monitors
Keep your patients entertained and educated with media imagery. A flat screen displaying slides, highlights, and videos of your treatments and services is such a valuable marketing tool! Have a monitor in the waiting room and every exam room.

Responsive Marketing: Creating interest and value while engaging patients with knowledge and must-haves

responsive medical marketingEngaging E-newsletters
What's the most effective way to reach your target audience? There's nothing like an educational, interactive E-newsletter to market your practice. Inform and be the reliable source for new technology and reviews. Announce specials, educate with videos, and provide links to your website for increased web traffic and sales.

The fastest and easiest communication with your patients can be achieved with E-newsletters. It's a great opportunity to get repeated interaction with your existing patients as well as gaining potential new patients. We design a template that is uniquely yours with valuable content, images, and videos. Capture interest about a new procedure. Announce a special event. Provide free tips and advice.

Advantageous Press Releases
In the news lately? What a better way to present a special announcement via online media waves. Stay ahead of the curve with valuable press releases that can be incorporated onto your website and e-newsletters. You provide the content and we take care of the edits plus optimized keyword phrasing for internet searches and handle the online press release production and distribution.

Impressionable Blogging
The blogosphere is your chance to introduce new and exciting treatments and events at your office. Best of all, blogging does wonders for search engine optimization for your website.

Promotional Visual Merchandising
Big department stores spend millions of dollars to strategically merchandise products to raise interest and get consumers to BUY, BUY, BUY. Is your office doing all that it can to promote awareness of all your services?

Turnkey Website Content & Redesign + Mobile Website
Revise and update that poorly designed website of yours! Outdated colors, poor navigation, and lack of education and content on your site won't make patients call to book an appointment. We work with a programmer to give your website a complete makeover including a mobile web design.

Relationship Marketing: Building a connection and servicing your valued patients

Customer Service Training
Patient Relationship BuildingGreat customer service can help patients overcome purchase decision reluctance. Delivering great customer service in a medical environment is a skill set that can be taught and implemented to generate more revenue and repeat consumers. Read more...

Compelling Consult Conversions
How do you best educate and stimulate your potential patients during the private consultation? Do you understand the consumer mentality and mindset and how to trigger their purchasing power? Do you have the proper body language and tone of voice to better deliver your message?

Effective Sales/Skills Coaching
Your staff actually spends more time with your patients than you do. Is your staff informed and knowledgeable about proper patient care and all available treatments that you perform? Are they confident about explaining treatments that you offer? What your staff doesn't know and doesn't say could be costing you more profit than anything else.

Valuable Relationship Building
How do you create and cultivate relationships with your patients to get repeat business and referrals? Patients want to know that they matter to you before spending their hard earned money at your practice. How can you accomplish this?

Turbo-Charged Patient Experience
Are your patients RAVING about you and your practice or are they RAGING about their experience? Do you offer extraordinary care or do patients leave your office feeling unimpressed? Learn strategies to dazzle your patients so they become long-term patients. Work with them so they become your personal referral source.

Preferred Loyalty Program
How do you make sure your patients come back to you for future treatments? How do you prevent patients from going to your competitors? Find out the steps to establish a rewarding program for your patients.

Value Marketing: Budgeting and eliminating wasteful spending

Efficient Office Environment
New Medical Office ConsultantDo you staff 7 employees to handle the work of 5 people? Are there too much chit chatting and inefficient methods eating up all your profit? Let's identify the missing links and fix them!

Money Saving Costs Control
What's your biggest profit maker? Your biggest profit eater? Trimming costs = overhead savings = more cash in your pocket every month.

Hands-on Implementation
Ideas and change happen when you devote time and energy to attack them. Yes, marketing your practice takes work and MD Profit Solutions will be with you to lead, direct, and help implement all strategies.

New Medical Office Start-up
Learn and implement the proper marketing strategies from the very beginning of opening your practice so that you don't have to spend time, energy, and money down the road to rebuild an effective marketing system.

Customized Treatment
Services Binder
Turnkey E-newsletter with
interactive links & photos
High-impact, In-office
Visuals and Videos
Informative Brochure
Magazine 8, 12, 16 page
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