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Some important statistics to consider

when marketing your elective and cosmetic procedures…

"Americans spent nearly $10.7 billion on cosmetic procedures in 2010. 83% of total procedures performed were non-surgical."

"As the popularity of non surgical and minimally invasive procedures continues to grow, surgeons and manufacturers will develop new techniques and products that advance the science, produce even better results and lessen recovery time."

"The growth of cosmetic injectables is increasing as products continue to evolve and new players enter the market."

"78% of women in the U.S. use the Internet for product information before making a purchase."

"Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases including everything from autos to health care."

"The discretionary spending power of 50+ women soars by 2.5 times what the average person spends. Women are the primary buyers for big-ticket categories."

"The Baby Boomer Generation has more money, leisure time and technology than any other generation in history."

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Undereducated Staff?

What your staff doesn't know and doesn't say could be costing you more profit than anything else. Your staff actually spends more time with your patients than you do. Is your staff informed and knowledgeable about proper patient care and all available treatments that you perform? Are they confident about explaining treatments that you offer?

"Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel. If people believe in themselves, it's amazing what they can accomplish." - Sam Walton

"Repetition makes reputation and reputation makes customers."
- Elizabeth Arden

"Awareness without action is worthless." - Dr. Phil McGraw

You have the courage and power to prosper - take the leap!

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How can being happier make you more productive at work?
Here's a write-up about Happiness that's worth the read.

10 Ways to be Happier

Have a little fun at the next staff meeting.
We spend more time at work than we do with our family and friends. Get to really know your staff. It's important to work well cohesively.


How well do you know what your patients want?
Read the article from Shelly K. Schwartz describing how physicians are now the ones under close examination by a new generation of patients.

New American Patients Putting Physicians Under the Microscope

Can you afford not to be socially responsible in your community?
Read Michael Chaney's article on how being socially responsible can improve a company's competitive advantage.

Business Philanthropy is a Virtue

Forecasting Patient Loyalty
Do you understand how patients make decisions about your practice?

Forecasting Patient Loyalty - MD Profit Solutions
"Aesthetic Medicine has seen a dramatic increase in the diversity of the patients treated over the past decade and this trend is expected to continue to grow stronger than ever, with applications that cater to all people. The appeal of both aesthetic surgery and cosmetic medicine will continue to spread across the spectrum of our population..." -ASAPS

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